Muzzle Bungees


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Rob Allen Muzzle Bungees make rigging of guns easier whilst reduce the risk of fish tearing of the spear whilst in play. The bungees are manufactured with a snap swivel clip and a basic version is also available.

Muzzle Bungees function similarly to a tapered end of a fishing rod.

It will dampen any shock exerted by fish on your spear line in the capturing process.
It reduces the risk of line breakages or fish ripping itself loose from the spear.
Tensioned correctly, it will reduce the chances of the spear line slipping off the line release and will make the rigging of low stretch spear line, example, Dyneema and Monofilament Nylon much easier.
For bigger fish we recommend the use of either a 3 Stretch Float Line Bungee or Bluewater Float Line Bungee.


UV Resistant TPE Rubber 4.5*9.5
Dyneema Inner Core 200kg+
Stainless Steel Snap Clip With Swivel

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Basic, Snap Swivel Clip Blue, Snap Swivel Clip Green, Snap Swivel Clip Black, Breakaway Basic 3Loop, Breakaway+Snap Swivel Clip 3Loop