Watch Data Cable – Aeris F10


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PC USB download / interface cable by Oceanic. Works with the OCEANIC F10 V3, Aeris F10 V2, V1, EPIC and MANTA computers. Easily download your logged dives to your personal computer with this download cable. It gives diver the ability to see all aspects of dive profile using colored graphs, and it can help improve diving ability by allowing you to observe critical dive profile information. USB Cable will download depths and decompression status, maximum depth, bottom time, descent/ascent rates, ambient temperatures, surface intervals, and all warning points entered during the dive. This product is a must for the serious diver.  Share your underwater experiences with others.

System Requirements: IBM or compatible PC, USB Port, Intel Pentium 200MHz or better microprocessor, MS Windows 98 2nd Edition, ME, NT, 2000, or XP, Super VGA card or compatible Video Graphics Adaptor (256 color or higher) with minimum 800 x 600 pixel screen area of display settings, Mouse, 16MB of available RAM, 20MB available hard drive storage, CD Rom drive.