Meister F1 Red


Pathos Foot Pockets

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The classical manufacturing of Carbon blades, with internal knit in X shape, evolves with the use of new materials and processing, maximizing the function, performance and lifespan. With variable bending ability, depending on your preferences.
Available in 5 basic hardness types (S: Soft, MS: Medium Soft, M: Medium, MH: Medium Hard, H: Hard).
Exterior matte or glossy.

60-70 Soft Soft Soft
70/78 Soft Medium Soft
78/86 Medium Soft Medium
86/96 Medium Medium Hard
96+ Hard

Top quality 100% pure carbon fins from Meister. Made with aerospace grade Satin 5H carbon fiber and resins. Produced using a unique variable temperature layered moulding process, which results in exceptional mechanical properties.

Each blade features multiple layers of different weights and fiber directions, giving the blades a variable flex which is ideal for spearfishing with fixed weight and peak performance in deep freediving.

Equipped with comfortable lightweight Pathos Fireblade foot pockets and a unique variable railing which compliments the variable flex of the blades.

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Extra Soft, Soft, Medium Soft, Medium