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The Aropec Duffle bag is intended to act as a waterproof duffle bag, made from a tough tarpaulin material suited perfectly to the wear and tear of all your diving gear and activities.

This matt black bag is 37cm wide and 80cm long giving a 90L volume, so its able to fit your fins and other equipment with ease. The outer mesh pocket is perfect for placing smaller gear you don’t want to lose among all your gear in the main compartment. With the option of using a shoulder strap or carry straps with a Velcro connection, this a simple, durable bag perfect for keeping all your gear together and dry.

The bag also comes with buckles that allow you to tighten the bag around your equipment to prevent any movement in the bag from damaging your gear and limiting the cubic volume it takes up. This also makes carrying the bag easier due to its stability.


  • Waterproof duffle bag
  • Tarpaulin material
  • Hand held straps with Velcro connection
  • Shoulder strap
  • Securing buckles
  • Mesh outer compartment
  • Dimensions: 80cm x 37cm (90L)