Sparid, Cobia, Kawa, Scorpia Bands 16mm Black


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Sparid, Kawa, Scorpia Bands 16mm Black

Bands are setup to factory specification for optimal performance. If you are new to the sport, unsure which length to select or have difficulty with loading our standard length rubbers, please select a longer length. It is imperative that you speak to a sales consultant if you are unsure of your requirements.

RUBB16/.5 Rubber Black 16mm* 43cm- (Sparid Shanti Kawa Scorpia 50cm)
RUBB16/.6 Rubber Black 16mm* 45cm- (Sparid Shanti Kawa Scorpia 60)
RUBB16/.7 Rubber Black 16mm* 48cm- (Sparid Shanti Kawa Scorpia 70)
RUBB16/.8 Rubber Black 16mm* 50cm- (Sparid Shanti Kawa Scorpia 80)
RUBB16/.9 Rubber Black 16mm* 55cm- (Sparid Shanti Kawa Scorpia 90)
RUBB16/1 Rubber Black 16mm* 60cm- (Sparid Shanti Kawa Scorpia 1m)
RUBB16/1.1 Rubber Black 16mm* 65cm- (Sparid Shanti Kawa Scorpia 1.1m)
RUBB16/1.2 Rubber Black 16mm* 70cm- (Sparid Shanti Kawa Scorpia 1.2m)
RUBB16/1.3 Rubber Black 16mm* 75cm- (Sparid Shanti Kawa 1.3m)
RUBB16/1.4 Rubber Black 16mm* 80cm- (Sparid Shanti Kawa 1.4m)

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