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Len Jones’s first book “Encounters with Sharks …” started out after his much loved grandkids immigrated to New Zealand. Not very long after he got a call from Tara his eldest grandchild, and these were her words. “Granddad, can you please write down those stories you would tell us when we were back home” and we are glad he did because once you’ve read one, you will be sucked into reading them all.

I picked up a fishing mag amongst a stack piled on a table many years ago and found a book review on Encounters with Sharks. The book reviewer explained of his discontent with having been given the book to review and tried to shove it of onto other colleagues but none of them would have it. Well to his surprise after reading it, he believed that it deserved a good reads thumbs up. There we go, don’t judge a book by its cover. I met Len and his wife Jessica a year and a bit later and congratulated them on the review and they had known nothing of it.  I searched for many hours trying to find that mag but never did.

Len Jones is proudly South African and truly a legend in the hearts of all South Africans that have had encounters with him.



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Encounters with Sharks, Dolphins & Big Fish, Hooks Spears & Spanners, Spear Fishing Guide